Services and solutions

We have been established as a reliable, high-quality, fast, innovative and independent service center operator for company cards / customer credit cards since 1997.

The customer service, the card processing and the acquiring of company cards from the CCC Credit Card Center AG have been renowned and appreciated in the market.

Our customer service is as versatile as are the characteristics of our individual employees. Our customers, partners and clients appreciate the time when they are in contact with us.

Using our acquiring solutions we provide for the smooth handling (authorization / transaction transfer) of your company card – whether in offline and/or online authorization systems (IFSF or ep2) .

Our portfolio is characterized by international experience in complex switching and routing projects for company cards.

What can we do for you today?

The CCC Credit Card Center AG provides services for you on your behalf and instruction, so that you can concentrate completely on your main tasks and increase your profit.


  • More than 15 years experience and competence in company card and acquiring solutions as well as customer services.
  • The shareholders are completely involved in the management to ensure independence.
  • We have two locations to ensure a reliability and availability of 99.9 %.
  • Customers, partners and employees maintain a long-term relationship with the CCC Credit Card Center AG.

Memberships and licenses

Our service portfolio

Acquiring Customer service
card production key account management
project management credit check
marketing dunning
internet bill invoicing
debt management accountancy
internet platform risk management
  accounts receivable collection

Why should the services be rendered by CCC?

  • So that you can concentrate on your core competences and the delivery of performance.
  • So that your customers and points of sale have a competent partner at all times.
  • So that you can ensure a 24/7 service with an availability of 99.9 %.
  • So that there will be no shortage of resources in the execution of the service.
  • So that you can increase your turnover and make profit.

The way we implement the appropriate solution for you

  • We check your initial situation
  • We prepare an order specification, unless already available
  • The appropriate processing protocol is chosen (IFSF / IFSF EV / ep2 / ep2 petrol)
  • The appropriate processes are jointly defined
  • You receive a detailed offer
  • After your order has been received it will be implemented and introduced

Optimize the process and investment costs

  • You will benefit from synergy effects by outsourcing to a central specialist and you will not have to deal with detailed processes and issues.
  • Reduce your investment costs by synergy effects as you will not bear the investment costs yourself.
  • You will achieve a wide, competent and reliable coverage for the execution of your service.

Increase in efficiency

  • You will increase your efficiency thanks to fully automated and standardized processes.


  • Together with you we implement the solution that is right for you.

Quality and reliability

  • Reliable standards IFSF, ep2
  • We run two computing centers.
  • All of the components are provided redundantly.
  • Special hard- and software make your transactions safe in accordance with PCI.
  • Apart from our own staff our solutions are secured by strong partner networks.
  • Specialists provide the basis for the correct handling of the transactions.

Open the way for valuable resources

  • Use your resources for your customers and your profit.

We find the appropriate solution together with the customer.

SIX certified Partner

Die CCC Credit Card Center AG ist certified Partner der SIX Payment Service AG.

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